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A NORTHWOODS CHRISTMAS (special blend of fresh wintery pine & lightly spiced cranberry - pleasant & refreshing),

 BAYBERRY (classic bayberry with a festive flair - bayberry, lavender, fir needle, clove, camphor & a powder balsam base - "A bayberry candle burned brings health & wealth to the home" - very strong!),

BERRY BRAMBLE (a cocktail of mixed juicy berries, fresh, lively, & luscious with raspberries, blueberries, mulberry, cranberry, & apricot),

 Berry Christmas (incredible holiday blend of fir and balsam sprinkled with sugar and sweet cranberries - this one is wonderful!),

BOO Berry (no need to be afraid of this yummy scent - great year-round scent of blueberry, strawberry and vanilla with hints of sweet sugar),

BLUE CHRISTMAS (sprigs of Christmas tree with wild blueberries & amber - romantic!) BEST SELLER!,

BUTTERNUT PUMPKIN (butternut squash blended with pumpkin puree, cinnamon, clove, & vanilla),


 BUTTERY GINGERBREAD (the perfect combo of gingerbread & creamy butter) BEST SELLER,

CANDIED CHESTNUTS (a sweet brown sugar-glazed nutty treat),

CANDIED YAMS (Brazilian orange, bergamot, nutmeg, & bread with cinnamon), 

CANDY CANE (the perfect peppermint stick),

CHERRY CLOVE CHUTNEY (crushed Bing Cherries with clove & crushed cinnamon),

CHERRY COBBLER (super rich cherry cobbler blended with sweet & sour cherries on a rich bakery background),

Chestnuts & Brown Sugar (rich buttery chestnuts blended with sweet creamy milk, drizzles of maple, vanilla, & carmelized brown sugar),

Christmas Cabin (wonderful blend of bayberries & cranberries with crushed cinnamon bark & orange zest),

CHRISTMAS CHEER (fruity, spicy blend with cinnamon, ginger, clove, & pine with a sweet apple background),

CHRISTMAS COOKIE (a seasonal favorite - aroma of sugared, frosted vanilla cookies left for Santa),

CHRISTMAS DREAMS (this one is so good I will stock it all year -  as thoughts of sugarplums dance through your mind and aromas of cinnamon, chocolate, peppermint, and tangerine fill the air with delight; you sleep knowing this Christmas morning will be the sweetest one yet!) BEST SELLER!,

Christmas Eve (a seasonal fav craved by many - balsam fir with sugarplums will make for a great holiday season),

CHRISTMAS FANTASY (a combo of ribbon candy, spiced tea, & hints of cinnamon - all the smells of a cozy lil country shop at Christmas),

CHRISTMAS HEARTH (a nutty bouquet of maple, cinnamon, & clove with sweet syrupy notes), Best Seller

CHRISTMAS KISS (fresh balsam, warm vanilla cookies, sprinkled with sugar sparkles - kissable!), BEST SELLER

CHRISTMAS KITCHEN (unique combination of all the Christmas scents, such as fresh baked cookies,  pine,  and peppermint - a must try),

CHRISTMAS MANTLE (pine needles, apple spice & plum with orange peel, fig, & woody notes),

CHRISTMAS PAST (imagine what Christmas would smell like in days gone past - blue spruce, fir, northern pine, spicy cinnamon, & warm woody notes - super strong),

CHRISTMAS RUMBALL (sensuous blend of citrus, fruit, and vanilla cognac),

CHRISTMAS SPICE ,(balsam, basil, nutmeg, cinnamon spice & everything nice to boost your holiday spirits!), BEST SELLER

CHRISTMAS SPLENDOR (comforting blend of mulled fruits & spice with fruity apple and orange, clove, cinnamon leaf,  & hints of woods),

CHRISTMAS ZEN (soft, delicate notes of figs & green tea perfectly blended with Siberian Fir, notes of warm vanilla, jasmine, & ylang ylang for added depth),

Christmas Story (notes of ozone florals, sparkling grapefruit, and orange with jasmine, cedar wood, fir needle and camphor with base notes of vera moss, cornmint, and balsam - a festive fragrance that reminds me of the Christmas movie that I love so much!), Best Seller

Christmas Thyme (aroma of bayberries and apples with fresh pine needles and thyme, with top notes of freshly ground cinnamon bark),

Christmas Wassail (the wonderful aroma of mulled apple cider, fresh pineapple, and orange zests surrounded by spicy cinnamon and cloves),

Christmas Wreath (strong pine & balsam scent that will make you think you have a real wreath hanging over your fireplace),

 CIDER BY THE FIRE (like a cup of hot steaming apple cider & cinnamon on a cold, wintery night) BEST SELLER,

CIDER SNAP (strong spicy cider with red hot cinnamon - awesome),

CINNAMON & BALSAM (warm cinnamon with hints of balsam fir makes for a cozy winter blend - great holiday fragrance),

CINNAMON APPLE BERRY (cozy, warm aroma of tart apples & sugary berries laced with cinnamon - powerful!),

CINNAMON CIDER (strong, warm cinnamon and cider scent which smells exactly like cinnamon without smelling mostly like apples),

CLASSIC MULBERRY (a very strong & true classic Mulberry scent - Mulberry fans go wild for this!),


Cornucopia (delicious blend of mixed holiday spices including cinnamon sticks, clove buds, and ginger, sprinkled over citrus peels with hints of soft vanilla beans),

COTTON HEAD (inspired by "Elf Airhead" from the movie "Elf" - this scent begins with sweet buttery creamy coconut and vanilla frosting with notes of powdery heliotrope, spicy notes, on a powerful vanilla base),

Country Christmas (a fabulous blend of wilderness pine & garlands of fresh cranberries - very nostalgic scent),

 CRANBERRY CHUTNEY (tangy cranberry delicacy - true to its name),

Cranberry, Clove, & Cardamon, 

CRANBERRY CRAZE (just plain cranberry, NO spices, strong & sweet),

CRANBERRY CRUMBLE (crunchy, nutty, & spicy - the ultimate in cranberry!) NEW BEST SELLER,

CRANBERRY FIG (tart cranberries surrounded by fig leaves & warm clove),

CRANBERRY GINGER (sparkling cranberries & freshly sliced ginger root with nutmeg & allspice), 

CRANBERRY MUFFINS (tart cranberries with delicate sweet muffins - super strong!),

CRANBERRY PEPPERMINT (YC type - delightful scent of lemon, cranberry, orange, pomegranate, peppermint, & creme de menthe),

CRANBERRY RELISH (aka Holiday Relish - wonderful fresh, tart cranberry - incredible),

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (a charming fragrance filled with surprises to delight all of the senses with plums, dark cherries & sweet oranges),

Deck The Halls (an inviting blend of clove and cinnamon on a background of wood notes),

Dicken's Christmas (an inviting candle-lit fragrance of true English pudding, dishes of vanilla, pumpkin, & spices with a sprig of holly),

EGG NOG (spiked! sweet creamy scent complete with hints of nutmeg & rum - a nose treat!),BEST SELLER

EGG NOG LATTE (frothy, creamy eggnog with maple, nutmeg, & rum),

ELF DUST (fresh cut pine, spicy sugared plums, finished with sweet cookie dough) BEST SELLER,

Elf Treats (scrumptious, nutty & fruity marzipan with berries, almonds, nutmeg, coconut milk, cinnamon & clove),

FALL FESTIVAL (this is everything Fall - sweet, pure apple cider, fresh pumpkin & freshly tapped maple syrup - very sweet, not spicy),

FAMILY GATHERING (warm, buttery baked spicy scent with mulled fruit, spiced berries, apple cinnamon, sweet clove, & vanilla),

Festival of Lights (sweet cinnamon mixed with candied fruits and a touch of spice - spicy and sweet!),

FROST BITE (frosty cool peppermint with a twist - great minty blend),

FROSTED WINTER BERRY (creamy, spicy, berry blend with milky amber, creamy French Vanilla, cinnamon, & carmelized sugar - must-have for fruit lovers),

GINGERBREAD VILLAGE (warm gingerbread mixed with nutmeg & rich spices topped with a dollop of whipped cream - true gingerbread scent),

GINGERSNAP COOKIES (great spicy scent that smells just like fresh baked cookies hot from the oven - strong),

GINGER SOUFFLE (heavenly fresh ground ginger root with nutmeg & clove buds, hint of black currant & light notes of apple & peach with vanilla - sheer bliss!) BEST SELLER,

GINGERBERRY WREATH (almonds, berries, citrus peels, enhanced by dry ginger roots - must try!),

GINGERBREAD APPLESAUCE (old-fashioned warm molasses gingerbread with applesauce - warm & rich!),

GINGERBREAD BOY (spicy, well-balanced gingerbread & molasses combo - the BEST!),

GINGERED PLUMS (sweet sugar plums with cranberry, apple, fresh ginger, cinnamon, warm woods, creamy marshmallow - rich & warm),

 HOLIDAY HOMECOMING (home baked goodness of the holidays greets you with rich vanilla sugar, spiced cinnamon, baked apples, nutty chocolate, caramel, & brown sugar vanilla - awesome scent!),

Holiday Tapestry (just imagine all the holiday scents woven together - Poinsettias, jeweled citrus, fruitcake, holiday baking spices and a kiss of sweet balsam - a super rich Christmas fragrance), 

Home For The Holidays (Y type - great blend of pine, cinnamon, cedar wood, cloves, orange, cherry and tangerine - wonderful holiday scent),

HOME SWEET HOME (A) (a must try!!! freshly baked homemade cake layered with marzipan & sprinkles of cinnamon and nutmeg - a bakery lovers dream!) BEST SELLER,


HOT BUTTERED RUM (a yummy holiday drink of heavy, buttery rum),

HOT SPICED COCOA (smells just like hot cocoa made with dark chocolate & warmed with winter spices such as cinnamon, clove, & nutmeg - yummy!),

JACK FROST (Y type),

JINGLE BELL ROCK (invigorating blend of cranberry, orange, & vanilla - sure to get you thru the season),

JINGLEBERRY (scrumptious mix of mulberry and cranberry with a splash of orange & vanilla),

MINT ANGEL (sweet sugar, notes of hard peppermint candy, vanilla, and Angel Food Cake) BEST SELLER,

Mistletoe Kisses (wonderful blend of freshly cut evergreen blended with holiday berries & hints of eucalyptus - will have you searching for the Mistletoe!),

MRS. CLAUS' PANTRY (buttery sweet vanilla, sugar, cinnamon, & a whiff of cranberry),


NOEL (nice holiday blend of pine, cinnamon, & orange clove - similar to Jenny's Song) BEST SELLER,

Night Before Christmas (like a wonderful gift basket filled with sweet candied fruit and holiday spices),

Nutcracker Suite (enticing blend of vanilla, hazelnut and maple syrup) BEST SELLER,

O' Christmas Tree (the perfect fresh cut tree out of the groves at Christmas),

Oh Holy Night (a gorgeous blend reminiscent of a Christmas Eve church service - roses, moroccan cedarwood, lavender, vetiver & honey),

 Peppermint Cocoa (old fashion hot chocolate with a twist of peppermint candy),

PEPPERMINT BARK (cool candy cane chips over thin layers of dark & white chocolate),

 Pilgrim Pie (scrumptious pumpkin & lemon with champagne, grapes, nutmeg, smoked cinnamon, with vanilla, tea leaves, & hickory),

 Pumpkin Eggnog (a perfect combo of pumpkin & creamy eggnog), 

 POPCORN GARLAND (popcorn, granulated sugar, sweet vanilla, brown sugar, creamy caramel, & salt - very festive!),

Pumpkin Patch (another delicious, spicy blend including ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, with a whisper of carnation & a powdery base - reminds me of "The Great Pumpkin C B"),

PUMPKIN PICKIN' (creamy french vanilla pudding, carmelized sugar, with pumpkin spices),

Pumpkin Pie Spice (super strong pumpkin scent blended with nutmeg, cinnamon, and undertones of pie crust),

Pumpkin Souffle (rich pumpkin with carmelized sugar, nutmeg, ginger, & cinnamon - absolute heaven!) BEST SELLER,

Reindeer Doodles (cozy & nostalgic scent with nutmeg & orange zest, vanilla, cinnamon, sweet sugar crystals and a splash of orange juice),

Ribbon Candy (ripe raspberries & fragrant orange mixed with juicy apple, fresh berries & sweet geranium & cinnamon notes - a Christmas classic),

Rocky Mountain Christmas (the aroma of Blue Spruce, Northern Pine, & Douglas Fir blended with a warm woodsy base - this will remind you of being at a Christmas Tree lot),

Santa's Night Cap (carmelized brown sugar, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, blended with run & butter),

Santa's Pipe (captivating damask rose & geranium with sweet orange honey, notes of a warm, sweet, smoky accord of vanilla, patchouli, & honeyed pipe tobacco - this scent is very nice (not disgusting like I thought it would be), it's very comforting & a natural for Christmas!),

Santa's Whiskers (this is such a FUN blend - balsam, fir, pine, and warm sugar cookies!),

Silent Night (after a thunderstorm the air is thick & ozoney, with crushed apple blossom, wet roses, & bruised flowers),

SLEEPING ON SNOW (a soft powdery scent with vanilla sugar and light sweet musk),

Sleigh Ride (Christmas scent of pine, apples, cinnamon, bayberry & holly),

Sleepy Hollow (whimsical fragrance that smells just like Halloween - a rich, warm, vanilla-candy type fragrance with a splash of orange spice - think "headless horseman"!),

SMELL OF CHRISTMAS (cinnamon bark & leaves with fir needles & pine enhanced by clove buds),

SNOW PLACE LIKE HOME (irresistably cool & clean blend of Siberian Fir needle with tart Granny Smith apples, lemon zest, frosted jasmine & lily which leads down to a big snowy slope of glacial woods - great year-round scent)

SNOWDRIFT BERRIES (absolutely incredible scent with top notes of semi-sweet berries mixed with tones of balsam pine),

Spiced Cranberry (tart cranberries blended with clove & cinnamon),

Spiced Cranberry Punch (hints of tartness with warm sun- ripe cranberries mixed with sugar,  touches of sweet orange zest,  and spices to round out this festive punch),

Snow Drift (a clean cool watery ozone type, with melon, minty tangerine, fresh pine, lily of the valley, and a soft woody, sandalwood base),

SUGAR PLUM BERRIES (sugar plums, holiday berries, and a touch of spruce lightly coated with sugar),

Sugared Spruce (unique scent that combines sweetness & greenery),

Sweet Pumpkin (a warm blend of sweet cream, molasses and pumpkin with a hint of spice - more sweet than spice),

 SWEET SNOW (soft mint with creamy vanilla),

Tis The Season (Christmas in a bottle! Berries, pine, spice, & cookies baking in the background),

TREE LIGHTING (Ozonic blast of crisp mountain air, citrus, leafy greens and cranberry.  The base weaves into Colorado Blue Spruce, White Pine, & Ivory Geranium),

Vanilla Snowflake (scrumptious sugar cookies made with rich creamy vanilla, frosted with mint & sprinkled with coconut),

VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS (unique fragrance that is impossible to describe - fruity, pine, & spice - sample it and smell for yourself!),

White Christmas (YC type - brisk & fresh scent of evergreen garland & berries - another YC dupe hard to describe!  A must-try!),

 Winter Candy Apple (crisp red apples with notes of sweet orange, cinnamon, & vanilla), 

Winter Serenade (a symphony of holiday lights, sparling snow, warm cinnamon cookies & candy canes with Christmas trees and Fig pudding), 

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