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A Thousand Wishes (BBW type -

4 LEAF CLOVER (floral ozony blend of clover, green grass, with hints of fresh cut wisteria),

7-UP POUND CAKE (buttery pound cake with vanilla & almond, notes of 7-up, brown sugar & roasted pecans) BEST SELLER,

ACORN HARVEST (warm & nutty scent with buttery vanilla) BEST SELLER,

ADDICT (Christian Dior type (W) - sexy blend of vanilla, mandarin, & rose - created by The House of Dior), BEST SELLER 

ALL HALLOWS EVE (a spicy mulled grapefruit type with fruity citrus top notes, a cinnamon leaf, & a soft musky, sweet base - dont let the name fool you!), (out of stock)

ALIEN (type (W) Thierry Mugler type, creator of "Angel" - very feminine scent with a blend of amber, woods, orange blossom, and vanilla - its awesome!), BEST SELLER

ALMOND BISCOTTI (a delicate Italian biscuit with hints of toasted almonds - oh how I love these!) BEST SELLER,

ALMOND CAKE (gourmet - sweet, powdery almond cake, fluffy & moist), 

ALMOND CHERRY (ripe cherries blended with sweet almonds -  terrific blend of fruit & nut!),

Almond Cookie (toasted almonds, rich buttercream, cookie dough & sweet spices),

ALMOND MARZIPAN (blend of sweet, rich, thick honey with tiny hints of light chocolate & sweet almonds in a fabulous thick vanilla cream),

ALMOND PASTRIES (light flaky pastries with sweet almond filling - cozy and scrumptious),

ALOHA (sun-kissed frangipani, plumeria, freesia - straight from the tropics)BEST SELLER,

ALPINE SNOWDRIFT (perfect blend of wet snow, a frozen air accord, menthol, woodland moss, spearmint leaves, winter anise, ozone, and frosted vanilla),

ALYSSUM FLOWER (wonderful aroma of one of the most romantic & fragrant flowers you will ever smell - beautiful!),

AMARETTO CREAM (a blend of Amaretto Liqueur and fresh sweet cream),

AMARETTO NOG (warm blend of sweet almond & vanilla),

AMAZING APPLE PIE (oh my! this is the most awesome apple pie scent I have ever come across - took me a while but I finally found it!) BEST SELLER, *NEW & Better*

AMAZING GRACE (Philosophy type - a sparkling fresh floral/white musk blend that simply cannot be resisted - truly amazing!),

AMBER (Oil of Amber - pure, rich, deep, earthy, & exotic - exquisite),

AMBER BLUSH (precious amber blended with the aroma of lotus blossoms - romantic),

AMBER ROMANCE (VS type - floral bouquet of jasmine, magnolia, peach & coconut with musk, vanilla & exotic woods - excellent dupe!),
Amish Cinnamon Bread (sweet cake-like bread with cinnamon), 

AMISH FRIENDSHIP BREAD (fresh baked bread with raisins, nuts, & strawberries),BEST SELLER

AMISH HARVEST (warm spicy blend with buttery notes that will remind you of an autumn harvest celebration - awesome scent!),

AMISH QUILT (vanilla intertwines with a spice cabinet of cinnamon, clove, allspice, nutmeg, and kissed with sugar - spicy & sweet),

ANAIS ANAIS (type - just like the Cacharel classic, a refreshing flowery scent - excellent dupe),

"ANGEL ((Theirry Mugler type, this is a perfect dupe of the best selling perfume - AWESOME!), BEST SELLER

Ancient Incense (oriental fragrance with light hints of pear & apple with exotic florals on a background of patchouli & warm vanilla),

ANGEL FOOD CAKE (**NEW** heavenly),

ANGELICA (light & airy blend of citruses with soft roses, sandalwoods, and musks),

ANGEL WINGS (light florals with a touch of powder),

ANTONIA's FLOWERS (type (W) - an interpretation of the signature fragrance from Antonia Bellanca, delicate, light, creamy, innocent, a sexy floral - this is beautiful!),

APACHE TEARS (see Dragons Blood),

APHRODESIA (silky smooth amber, patchoulis, sandalwoods, chocolate, with hints of caramel - a must try!) BEST SELLER, 

APPLE BLOSSOM (light & fresh like an apple orchard at full bloom),

APPLE BUTTER (fresh apples with sweet creamy butter, topped with cinnamon) (NEW),

APPLE BUTTER CARAMEL (Macintosh apples, steamed milk, cane sugar, vanilla, fresh nutmeg, & creamy caramel (NEW),

APPLE BUTTERSCOTCH BUNS (sweet apple buns loaded with creamy butter, rich gooey caramel, vanilla bean, & sticky maple syrup - super strong),


Apple Caramel Crunch (juicy apple, sweet caramel, a hint of cinnamon topped with brown sugar), 

APPLE CRISP (warm! - aroma of red juicy apples combined with buttercream & cinnamon with a base note of oatmeal cookie),

APPLE CRUMB PIE (buttermilk pastry dough topped with a spiced apple & currant filling, sprinkled with sweet buttery crumbs & baked to perfection),

APPLE DUMPLING (freshly baked aroma of red apples, pears, nutmeg, clove, cardamon, & freshly ground cinnamon bark),

APPLE FRITTERS (like delicious apple fritters with sweet apples, warm butter, nutmeg, cinnamon),

APPLE JACKS (scent of harvested apples, citrus, & spice - strong!) (NEW & Better) BEST SELLER,

APPLES-N-BERRIES  (perfect blend of MacIntosh apples & sweet ripe berries),

APPLES & OAK (complex blend of McIntosh & Granny Smith apples with woodsy notes of fresh oak leaves & moss),

Apples & Oats,

APPLE PECAN DANISH (flaky danish with pecans & apples),


APPLE RASPBERRY CRUMBLE (baked cinnamon apples with sweet raspberries),

Apple Red Orchard (YC type - warm buttery notes and subtle nutmeg, cinnamon, & sweet apples),

APPLE STRUDEL (hearty apple scent with sugar, cinnamon, & baked crust),

APRIL FRESH DOWNY (type wonderful fragrance of clean fresh laundry straight from the dryer!),

ARABIAN SPICE (warm & sensual scent of crushed clove, vanilla beans, ginger root and cinnamon powder),

ARCTIC RASPBERRY (succulent fruit scent with hints of green leaf, tea, clear ozone, & snow kissed mountains - classic raspberry scent without the candy or jam notes),

ASIAN OUD WOOD (cedar, precious ambrette, rosemary, dark olibanum, black musk, & earthy patchouli),

ASIAN SANDALWOOD (this outstanding scent is sweet, but not too sweet, with calming woody & peppery notes),

ASPEN GLEN (uplifting scents of mint and sweetgrass with earthy notes - popular among both men & women),

ATTRACTION (top notes of wild strawberries & freshly sliced fuji apples with delicate notes of jasmine, coconut & pears swirling among creamy vanilla and earthy amber),

AUTUMN HARVEST (wonderful blend of crisp apples, vanilla, nutmeg, sweet pumpkin, & cinnamon - all the Fall favs rolled into one!), BEST SELLER

AUTUMN LODGE (YC dupe retired - top notes of winter greens & pine needle with fir balsam, cinnamon & spice - amazing scent - strong!) BEST SELLER,

Autumn Rain (fresh dewy scent of fallen leaves, hay bales, fresh stacked wood, & cool autumn air),

Autumn Spice (cedarwood & fir needles with cinnamon, coriander & jasmine),

AUTUMN SUNRISE (a deep earthy and cool fragrance with hints of musk & spices),

AUTUMN WOODS (memories of a walk through the woods on a crisp autumn afternoon),

AUTUMN WREATH (Y type - a cheerful fall welcome with the spicy warmth of autumn leaves, cinnamon apples, nutmeg, and clove),

BABY LAVENDER (sweet sleepy blend of baby powder & lavender) (NEW & improved),

BABY POWDER (NEW & improved),

BABY'S BREATH (fresh & innocent with wisps of carnation & light powdery notes),

BABY'S ROOM (very soft violet powder with light floral notes of peony & alyssum - NICE!),

Bahama Coconut (fresh coconut straight from the islands),

Baja Cactus Blossom (BBW type - the alluring beauty of a cactus flower captured in a blend of fresh white florals, green cactus & sunkissed coconut),

BAKED APPLES & CINNAMON (aroma of hot baked apples with butter & ground cinnamon sprinkled on top),


Balsam & Cedar (YC type - cool green firs festively mingled with cedar chips),

BAMBOO & GREEN LEAF(unique combo of fresh green leaves & woodsy indonesian bamboo),

BANANA (Sweet Fried - aroma of ripened banana with butter & sweet syrup),

BANANA BERRY SHORTCAKE (yummy blend of fresh bananas and berries with buttery shortcake),

Banana Bread Pudding (fresh baked bread pudding with extra buttermilk & ripe bananas),


BANANA CARAMEL CUPCAKE (freah ripe bananas with sweet caramel, ground cinnamon, sweet vanilla bean, buttercream, with a hint of almond - sinful!),

BANANA CREME PIE (you dont have to be a banana lover to enjoy this scent!),

Banana Crepes (ripe bananas, coconut milk, apple peel, & cinnamon stick combined with crepe batter topped with cream & sugar crystals),

BANANA FOSTER (banana slices combined with a buttery sauce, touch of rum, & cinnamon - highly requested),

BANANA KIWI (aroma of fresh banana and tart kiwi),

BANANA NUT BREAD (fresh baked bread with bananas,nuts, & ginger)**New** BEST SELLER,

BANANA PUDDING (aroma of creamy banana pudding with vanilla wafers & a meringue topping - mouth-watering!),

BANANA TAFFY (sweet & terribly terrific, this smells exactly the way you would expect - a nose treat),

BANANA WALNUT CAKE (a true powerful cake scent with brown sugar, fresh bananas & crushed walnuts),

BATON ROUGE (like the dusty heat lining of the banks of the tranquil Mississippi - rich & deep oak fragrance mixed with a sultry cajun blend of vanilla & spices - I love this one!),

BAY RUM (the smell of rum with citrus, vetyver & cedar, vanilla, balsam, & woody notes - the Gentleman's fragrance),

BAYBERRY (classic bayberry with a festive flair - bayberry, lavender, fir needle, clove, camphor & a powder balsam base - "A bayberry candle burned brings health & wealth to the home" - very strong!),

BEACH DAISIES (aromas of fresh spring flowers, green grass, warm sand, with asian lemongrass, dune grass & daisy petals.  Notes of gardenia bloom, ylang ylang & clove leaf sweep you away to the beach),

Beachwood Vetiver (exotic salty sea air with notes of dried coconut, eucalyptus, night blooming jasmine & vetiver with sun-dried driftwood & a hint of tangy seaweed),

BEAR CLAWS (layers of sweet flaky crust with honey, almonds, raisins, confectioners sugar, & a hint of chocolate - STRONG!) BEST SELLER,

BEDFORD FALLS (woods, greens & earthy notes - this scent gives you a small town feeling),

BEDTIME BATH (J & J type) - gentle & soothing blend of lavender & chamomile),

Bergamot (fresh pressed zests with hints of tangerine),

BERRY BRAMBLE (new formulation - fresh, lively, & playful blend of raspberries & blueberries with notes of mulberry, cranberry, & apricot - luscious!) BEST SELLER,

BERRY BUNDT CAKE (freshly baked pound cake with berry, almond, sweet cinnamon, & vanilla - great bakery scent),

BERRIE BUTTERCREME (sugary blend of berries & sugar with creamy butter - sinful!),

BERRIES n' TWIGS (great combo of fresh-picked berries & a hint of woods -  the great outdoors!), 

BEST FRIENDS (wonderful blend of boysenberries, elderberries, strawberries, guava, pomegranate, & soft vanilla),

BIRDS OF PARADISE (absolutely wonderful floral aroma with notes of fresh fruit - highly requested),

BIRTHDAY CAKE (this is true Cake-in-a-Bottle!) BEST SELLER,

Bitches Brew (smoky, woody sweetness of balsamic resins & patchouli with herbaceous florals for a bewitching scent),

BLACKBERRY COBBLER (aroma of baked juicy blackberries in a thick crust!),



BLACK CHERRY BOMB (an incredibly strong and true black cherry fragrance),

BLACK CHERRY CREAM (true black cherry scent with warm creamy vanilla - mouth-watering!),

BLACK MAGIC (blend of earthy sandalwood & ylang ylang with patchouli & hints of vanilla and baby powder - magical!),

Black Orchid & Vanilla (exotic orchids with hints of fresh floral green notes on a smooth vanilla base),

BLACK RASPBERRY & VANILLA (absolutely mouth-wateringly delish) BEST SELLER,

BLACK ROSE (the rarest of florals, a fragrant bouquet of black roses with subtle haunting notes)

Black Spice Tea (black tea with an array of spices including cardamon, cinnamon leaf, clove bud, ginger & nutmeg),
BLACK VANILLA (incredible! Dark Madagascar vanilla beans with Tonka beans & a touch of patchouli - must try!),

Black Velvet (this cosmopolitan scent begins with Sicilian lemon, bergamot, & French lavender     with tonka beans & sultry Amber Noir on a base of smoky Indian sandalwood & incense),                 

BLACK VETYVER CAFE (Jo Malone type - coffee bean, incense, wood tones),

BLACKBERRY FREESIA (this is an awesome combination!),

BLACKBERRY JAM BUTTER COOKIES (aroma of freshly baked butter cookies sweetened with a dollop of tart, ripe blackberry jam - you can smell all in this!), BEST SELLER

BLACKBERRY LEMONADE (tart lemonade sweetened with vanilla, sugar, & juicy, ripe wild blackberries - yummy fruity blend),

BLACKBERRY SAGE (tart blackberries, mulberries, orange zests, with notes of nutmeg, rose petals, fresh green sage leaves, red clover, and vanilla - one of my favs!),

Blackberry Scone (blackberries, boysenberries & raspberries with buttery warm crust),

BLACKBERRY VIENNESE LATTE (strong smell of Italian Espresso, frothy steamed milk & Ghirardelli dark chocolate with blackberry syrup for this special blend of latte - this will really wake you up),

Blatantly Blueberry (this is the truest blueberry that you will ever find.  Wild & juicy with a sharp tart sensation that you can only get from an untamed plant),

BLAZING BONFIRE (true-to-life smoky scent of a bonfire - great scent!),

BLISSFUL BLACKBERRY (type BBW - this fragrance tantalizes the nose with fresh sweet blackberry and soft florals),


BLUE CHRISTMAS (sprigs of Christmas tree with wild blueberries & amber - romantic!) BEST SELLER

BLUE COTTON CANDY (sweet cotton candy with fruity notes of strawberry and raspberry, laced with caramel swirls and hints of nutty almond sweetened with vanilla), ELLER!,

BLUE LAGOON (nothing but clean blue waves lapping at your toes - super clean aromatic ocean scent!),

Blue Lotus (Blue Egyptian Lotus type - intoxicating & exotic),

BLUE RASPBERRY ICE (this scent is sure to please everyone - incredible blue raspberry ice scent),

Blue Raspberry Slushie (smells like a blue raspberry snow cone - ripened raspberries, sugary cotton candy & the effervescence of crushed ice),

BLUE SUGAR (type M - the long awaited male counterpart to Pink Sugar, blended with the cotton candy sweetness of Pink Sugar it has evolved into something unmistakably masculine with a darker, more toasted sugar note, woods, patchouli, fresh herbs, & spices - nicely blended, not overly busy! Beyond Sexy!!!!),

BLUEBERRY COBBLER (just like a homemade blueberry cobbler straight from the oven!),

BLUEBERRIES & CREAM (- new & delish!),

BLUEBERRY CRUSH (sweet & fruity candy-like scent - reminds me of Pixie Stix!),

BLUEBERRY LEMON VERBENA (fruity blend of ripe blueberries & lemon verbena), 

BLUEBERRY MUFFINS (this is the BEST blueberry muffin scent I have ever come across - plump blueberries with creamy vanilla, baked bread, cinnamon, nutmeg, & brown sugar) BEST SELLER!,

Blueberry Meringue Torte,

Blueberry Parfait (this smells like fresh-picked blueberries with sugar, vanilla, & rich creamy custard and whipped cream),

Bluebonnet Fields (a blend of honeysuckle, jasmine, & lilac),

BOBBI BROWN BEACH (type W - Bobbi Brown's most popular fragrance - light & delicate with notes of sand jasmine, sea spray, & mandarin),

BODACIOUS BLACKBERRY (strong luscious aroma of sweet fresh blackberries that will amaze your senses),

BODY by VICTORIA (VS type (w) - freesia, mandarin, water hyacinth, cucumber, stephanotis leaves, white musk & sandalwood - sexy!),

Bohemian Raspberry (fruity blend of blackberry, raspberry, peach & strawberry with notes of violet and rosewood),

Bombshell (VS type - flirty, colorful blend of succulent purple passion fruit, burgundy Tuscan grapes, sun-kissed yellow peonies, fragrant vanilla orchids, and just a hint of fresh greenery),

BONFIRE BLISS (a scent reminiscent of gentle dusty breezes & bonfires with dried leaves, charred woods, amber, smoky sandalwood hints of toasted marshmallows, brown sugar, & soft vanilla - cozy & warm),

BOO BERRY (no need to be afraid of this yummy scent - great year-round scent of blueberry, strawberry, & vanilla with hints of sweet sugar),

Boyfriend (Kate Walsh type),

BOSTON CREAM PIE (fresh yellow cake with buttery custard, melted chocolate, icing &, of course, whip cream!),

Bourbon Vanilla (Henri Bendel type - spicy & sweet with earthy notes, cedarwood, and Madagascar Vanilla),

BRANDIED FRUIT (fresh holiday fruits smothered in warm brandy),

BREAD PUDDING & CARAMEL (delicious fresh bread pudding drizzled with caramel),

BREEZY MEADOWS (smell the scents of fields of wildflowers and freshly mown grass - all things Spring!),  

BROWN SUGAR (warm & cozy aroma of a fresh bag of brown sugar - yum!) BEST SELLER,

BROWN SUGAR & NUTMEG (sweet brown sugar & spicy nutmeg - a beautiful marriage!),

BROWN SUGAR & FIG (White Barn type - ripe fig, creamy coconut milk, carmelized brown sugar, & soft velvety musk), NEW

BROWN SUGAR PECAN (fresh pecans with carmelized brown sugar - strong!) BEST SELLER!,

BROWNIE BATTER (fabulous even if you don't like chocolate! Rich creamy chocolate batter with butter, cream, cocoa, and luscious cake on a cloud of rich vanilla),

BROWNIES au CARAMEL (the perfect scent of hot brownies dripping with caramel - decadent!) BEST SELLER,

BRUT CLASSIC (Faberge type - this scent brought back so many memories to me, as I'm sure it will for you also!  It is just a beautiful & never-ending scent), out of stock

BUBBLE GUM (just like Bazooka!),

Bunchberry & Moss (an early morning treat!  Walk in a marshy Northern Wisconsin forest and be treated to the smell of so many earthy plant smells - blend of berries, greens, sandalwood, & woody patchouli with sweet undertones),

Burgundy Rose (sensual burgundy rose with fresh white florals blended with burgundy wine & notes of applewood),

BUSHELS OF FUN (brandy, apples & pears with pecan, walnut, cinnamon, & bourbon vanilla - great year-round scent!) BEST SELLER,

BUTT NAKED (A) (new formula - tantalizing base note medley of granny smith apples and honeydew melon, middle notes of strawberries and pears, with hints of spice),


BUTT NAKED (B) (sweet coconut milk, fresh ripened bananas and juicy pineapple swirled together - an exotic tropical concoction!), will be discontinued after supply runs out,

BUTTER BRICKLE (extremely buttery & creamy scent with vanilla and hints of almond), BEST SELLER

Butter Cookies,

BUTTER CRUNCH BRULEE (rich & warm sugary maple with creamed butter, hint of spice & sweet vanilla bean - sweet & strong),

BUTTER RUM CAPPUCCINO (warm, cappuccino, thick & frothy with a healthy splash of rich, buttery rum - WOW!), 

BUTTER RUM CRUNCH (buttered rum with orange, cinnamon spice, & brown sugar - luscious!) BEST SELLER,

Butter Rum Spice Cake (smooth buttery rum with spicy cloves, nutmeg & cinnamon finishes with the creamiest of vanillas on top of a carmalized sugar base),

BUTTERNUT PUMPKIN (butternut squash blended with pumpkin puree, cinnamon, clove, & vanilla),

BUTTERY BROWN SUGAR (scrumptious creamy rich vanilla with whispers of cinnamon & almond blended with rich carmelized brown sugar and butter),

Buttery Caramel,

BUTTERY GINGERBREAD (the perfect combo of gingerbread & creamy butter) BEST SELLER,


BUTTERY VANILLA (scrumptious!),

BUTTERCREAM CRUNCH (a sweet buttery vanilla loaded with caramel & toffee and a splash of crunchy nut - double YUM), 

BUTTERCREAM FROSTING (be careful not to eat this one!),

BUTTERCREAM HOUSE (wonderful spicy blend of cinnamon, clove, & nutmeg with sweet creamy buttercream),

"BUTTERFLY" (Hanae Mori type aka Flower of the Forest - like cherry trees with notes of blackberry, strawberry, bilberry, black currant - INSPIRING) Best Seller!,

Butterfly Beach (aka Country Chic BBW type - top notes of California lemon, salt grass, with orchard fruit, wind flower & light amber - sunny & charming), 

BUTTERFLY KISSES (sweet as a smile, warm as a hug, gentle as a kiss - clean floral),

BUTTERMINT CANDIES (a minty-buttery aroma with a true smooth peppermint scent and a buttery warmth - smells exactly like those pastel after-dinner mints) NEW BEST SELLER, 

BUTTERSCOTCH BROWNIES (warm brownies drenched in thick butterscotch syrup - awesome!), 

BUTTERSCOTCH BRULEE (this is so sweet & buttery with vanilla, coconut, & creamy hints of light spicey notes),

Butterscotch Marshmallow,

Butterscotch Rum Brittle (buttery dark rum, brown sugar, cinnamon sticks, warm nutmeg, crushed nuts with carmelized sugar, sweet butter, & vanilla beans),




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